This product is not a Dual Disc Clutch. The picture is showing both sides of the disc.
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Valair Single Disc 94-03 5.9L 12valve & 24valve HD Ceramic/Kevlar Clutch for NV4500 and Getrag.

12.25" x 1.25" Performance Replacement
Ceramic & Kevlar Buttons
HD Spring Hub
Rated @ 450HP / 900 ft lbs Torque
3800# Pressure Plate
Kit includes: Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing and Alignment Tool.

When ordering, specify in description if you have an NV series or a Getrag transmission.

  • Item #: NMU70119-06

Valair Single Disc 94-03 5.9L NV4500 HD Ceramic/Kevlar Clutch

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