Valair Double Disc 94-03 5.9L Organic Clutch
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Valair Double Disc NV4500 94-03 5.9L Organic Clutch.

Dual Disc Kit - up to 550HP
Organic Facings
Nodular Iron Flywheel and Billet Floater plate
Pressure Plate Load - 3800#
Kit includes: New Nodular Sprung hub NV4500 Dual Disc Flywheel, 3800# Pressure Plate, Organic Clutch Discs, Release Bearing, HD Pilot Bearing, Modified Clutch Fork, Bolt Kit, and Alignment Tool.

If you have a 500HP truck and tow alot this is the only way to go. This clutch has a very smooth engagement.

All dual disc come standard with 1.375 hubs

Trucks with OEM 1.25 input shafts must order input shaft kit VA1.375K or for a billet input shaft choose VA1.375B

You can order a clutch built with 1.25 hubs, but you must tell your sales person at the time of order.

  • Item #: NMU70NV45DDSN-ORG

Valair Double Disc 94-03 5.9L Organic Clutch

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