DDP Dominator Series Allison
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DDP Dominator Allison

Quality and Experience are the two most important qualities to look for when shopping for a built trans.  Here at Dan's Diesel we have over 10 years experience in building Allisons and only use the best parts available on the market.  A built trans is a big investement so we want to offer the customer the best built transmission in the market.  All DDP Built Allisons start out as good cores and are fully disassembled.  All components and housings are washed in our Cuda 2840 aquious parts washer to rid of any dirt and contamination inside and out.  Then all componets are carefully inspected for flaws and wear.  Then they are assembled using the highest quaity performance aftermarket and oem parts. We offer many different converter options and billet internals to meet your horsepower goals.  The Goerend R converter is the most popular unit we sell and stock. Billet parts recommended for competition high horse power trucks.

This transmission includes:

*Alto G3 clutches for C1 and C2

*Alto G3 Clutches for C3 and C4 with Kolene steels

*LML C3 and C4 return spring and piston assemblies to prevent clutch dragging and improve shift speed

*TransGo & RatioTek Hydraulic Upgrades in valve body and pump housing

*Sleeved C2 Hub for extra strength

*All New Gaskets and seals

*New Torington Bearings

*New internal wiring harness

*New internal pressure switch manifold

*New NSBU switch

*Spin-on Filter with magnet

*Deep internal filter

*DDP deep filter lock

*Rebuilt or New Pump

*Allison Deep Pan

*Other in house mods for better shifts and holding power

*All new external hardware

*Signature PTO Covers

*A Core Transmission Is Required & Will Be Inspected Prior To Core Refund. Any transmission with cracked or broken housings, damaged or missing internal hard parts such as planetaries, shafts, valve body, etc, will not receive the full core refund. Damage wil be evaluated and an appropriate core refund amount will be issued.  Core must be received within 45 days to receive full core refund. 

*Transmissions Do Not Ship With Fluids


***STANDARD Five Year Warranty with Dominator TRANMISSIONS:

Five Year, Unlimited Mileage coverage against defects in parts and workmanship. This covers defects in clutches, steels, pistons, billet components, Torque Converter, hydraulic upgrades, and workmanship assembly.

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DDP Dominator Series Allison

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