Cummins 03-07 5.9 Stock/S400 Compound Turbo Kit
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03-07 5.9 Cummins Stock/S400 Compound Turbo Kit

Increase horse power and torque while lowering EGTs with a compound turbo kit.  This kit works with your factory exhaust manifold and turbo.  Utilizing the factory turbo in this system no sacrifices are made to the trucks spool-up or drivability.  EGTs are significantly reduced and horse power is boosted.  We've seen over 750hp with the right fuel mods and tuning with this kit.  Fuel economy gains have also been reported when driving respectively.  Install time is roughly 4-5 hours and everything is bolt on.  Piping is powder coated to your choice of color.  We have two different turbo sizes available for various applications.  Billet compressor wheel comes standard for more power and better sound. The 1.10 exhaust housing can be added for faster spool up. 

S475 Good all-around turbo for towing and performance(most common choice)

S480 Built for most power and performance. 

Kit includes:

Turbo of your choice.  Intake with air filter.  4” down pipe.   Hot pipe.  Low pressure pipe, boot and clamps.  Oil lines and fittings. Heat wrap.  Clamps.

If exhaust system is 5” we’ll include a 4-5” adapter and clamps.

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Cummins 03-07 5.9 Stock/S400 Compound Turbo Kit

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