Commander Tuner Duramax
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The Commander Tuner supports 2001-2010 Duramax equipped trucks. It features our custom EFILive tunes. You can order with one single tune or a DSP5 tune package. DSP5 tunes come with a DSP5 switch which allows you to change your tunes while driving. The Commander also allows you to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes as well as data log your trucks performance.  For 07.5-10 LMM trucks the standard tunes have DPF, EGR and Throttle Valve functions and codes intact if you're keeping your emissions equipment, but turned off if you will be removing them. Please select Emissions Present if you are planning to keep your DPF system.

Stage 1 DSP5 is for Stock Transmission Trucks ... Base Stock, Economy, Tow, Street 70hp, Performance 100hp

Stage 2 DSP5 is for Built Transmission Trucks ... Base Stock, Economy, Tow, Performance 100hp, Max Effort 540-560 RWHP

Trans tunins is available for the 6 Speed Allison. 

6 Speed Transmission tuning benefits. 

  • Improves throttle response.
  • Enhances shift strategy.
  • Revised Torque Converter lock up.
  • Boosts MPG




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Commander Tuner Duramax

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