2.8L Duramax 16'-Present

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2.8L Duramax Down Pipe Alliant Power Ultra-Guard Fuel Treatment Autocal Unlink
2.8L Duramax Down PipeAlliant Power Ultra-Guard Fuel TreatmentAutocal Unlink

2.8L Duramax Down Pipe For the 2.8L Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. This 2.5" Down Pipe is made from 304 Stainless Steel and Tig welded to thick 1/2" flanges. The lower flange has the trasmission mounting tabs to eliminate stress from the exhaust...

Complete fuel system and injector protection additive. Cleans, Lubricates, Anti-Gel, Stabilizes, and adds Cetane. 16oz Bottle treats 60 gallons.

In order to recieve a Unlink Code for your DDP Commander Autocal just fill out your Autocal serial number on the back of the Autocal.  Once order is recieved we will email you a Unlink Code within one business day.